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Playing-Card Holders, Bridge-width Cards (dealt 13, narrow, 2 1/4 times 3 1/2 inches), or Poker-width Cards (2 1/2 times 3 1/2 inches) from Walmart: (safer place to buy)

Card Game Rules
More than 500 playing-card games, and more being added all the time, & much more about playing cards in general, very thorough descriptions of games from all over the world, 1500 pages classified (indexed) in various ways:

John McLeod is by far the modern genius of playing-card rules on the planet. He pointed out that Can't Be Caught with any WILDCARD(s) in Count Card Rummy was ambiguous. I revised the paragraph. He suggested other things too. Thank you John McLeod, editor & webmaster of the Card Game Rules website:

Rummy Card Games
Gin Rummy & variations, Canasta & variations, Contract Rummy & variations, Conquian, Kalooki, Panguingue, Rummikub, & more:

David Parlett is a writer of his own original games and traditional games. He has many professions including translating languages.

His best known game is Hare & Tortoise of 100% skill for 2 to 6 people, unless playing with a variation of drawing risky Hare Square Cards if your losing. Though 100% skill, it only takes one other player at any time to decrease your chances of winning. You move a runner token (game piece) from start to home on a game board. You don't roll dice. The further you move forward the more carrots it costs. You can receive carrots by moving backwards. You receive & lose carrots in various ways toward home.

Definitely check out his very educational word games too:

The World of Playing Cards
Collecting--Conjuring & Magic--Environment & Nature--Oracle, Divination & Tarot--thousands of centuries old & new playing cards, & more:

Gin Rummy (game of much skill) Products, Canasta & Variations Products, Games in General: (safer place to buy)

Phase 10 Rummy-Type Card Game
Mattel com > shop > Phase 10: (safer place to buy)

Gin Rummy, 500 rum, & Canasta (with Samba) Rules from Wikipedia:

Hoyle Encyclopedia of Card Games, Etc., Scarne Encyclopedia of Card Games, Etc., Scarne Card & Magic Tricks: (safer place to buy)

Steve Minty Playing Cards - Illustrated Specialty Decks (if not sold out):

Kings Wild Project Playing Cards - Illustrated Specialty Decks:

Early American Playing Cards:

pic 1 - from WPTV Miami, Florida, USA

pic 2 - from by cmaranski had keywords, beach, Waikiki, ocean.

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